The Benefit of Signing In to the Service Portal

The Service Portal

We recommend that you sign in to the Service Portal before browsing the Knowledge Base or Service Catalog. Why? Signing in allows you to save and view your favorite services and prevents you from having to sign in later if you decide to submit a request. It also ensures that you can view all of the information to which you have access.

Everyone with an active StarID account can sign in to the portal.


How do I sign in to the Service Portal?

  1. Click Sign In at the top right corner of the portal.
  2. Enter your or and your StarID password.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your StarID password.
  5. Click Sign in.

If your college/university has implemented multi-factor authentication you may be prompted to Enter code. If you haven't set up your preferred authentication method, please contact your campus IT help desk for assistance.

        Information about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Unable to sign in?

If you try to sign in to the Service Portal and get an error message, please start by contacting your campus IT help desk. If the campus help desk can't answer your question, submit a Service Request on this Service Portal. 

StarID help and frequently asked questions.

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