Service Catalog

Categories (21)

Workday Help

Information and assistance with Workday-related items.

Accessibility Compliance

Get help or report a problem when using assistive technology to access digital content or use our enterprise IT systems.

Accounts & Access Management

Report problems with sign in processes and submit requests for access. StarID accounts.

Computing Devices, Software, and Telecom Services

End-user computing and services including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, monitors, software applications, software licensing, printers, telephones, voice mail, peripherals, employee onboarding/offboarding, shared file and folder access, mapped drives, secure file sharing, ListServs, scheduling systems, etc.

Conference Rooms and Telepresence

Video and multimedia technology and systems including ITV, projectors, displays, projector screens, audio, microphones, control panels, and wireless presentation systems and presenters.

Data and Reporting

Develop and maintain an inventory of reports (PowerBI), dashboards, analytics, and key performance metrics to support higher education data-driven decision making.

Email, Calendar, and Microsoft 365

Email, calendar, and other productivity services via Microsoft 365, including Outlook, Office 365, and Teams.

ERP Systems and Integrations

Provide software modifications and support for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Provide direct and indirect campus support in extending the capabilities of the base ERP system to enable third party software and services to the user community.


Assistance with system-wide finance and facilities information systems and applications.

Human Resources

Assistance with system-wide human resource systems and applications.

Identity and Access Management

The Minnesota State Identity and Access Management program (IAM) is an ongoing initiative to streamline access to IT services, while at the same time improving security of information and systems. Our goal is to provide the right access for the right people at the right time.

Information Security

Organize and manage Minnesota State's system-wide information technology security initiative. StarID accounts and multi-factor authentication. Report phishing, security incidents, and request risk assessments.


Enterprise-level hardware, software, facilities, and networking components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes.

Managed Administrative Computing (MAC)

Services offered specifically to campuses participating in the MAC agreement.

Portfolio Project Management

IT project requests and consultations.

Student Services

Assistance with system-wide student information systems and applications.

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Includes D2L Brightspace, educational technology, instructional design, online education, and multimedia.

Telephones and Voicemail

Assistance with and activation of physical and virtual phones, phone number assignments, phone features, and voicemail.

Web Content

Managing content on Minnesota State public websites, system office SharePoint Connect sites, and the tools used to support them.

Wi-Fi and Networking

Devices and resources that enable network connectivity, communication, operations, and management of the Enterprise network.