REPL Password Resets (current password is known)

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Password Resets

REPL passwords are good for 90 days before needing to be changed. You will receive an email notification 14 days prior to your Operational Data/Oracle REPL password expiration date. 

For continued REPL access, please reset your password for Operational Data / Oracle REPL using the Employee Home function.


  • You need to be logged in through your secure connection, such as VDI or a CAP server
  • Make sure you are not logged into any other applications or programs that access REPL data
  • Service account owners need to log into Employee Home.  Use the dropdown in step 3 to select the Service Account.


To change your REPL password (Personal and Service Accounts)

  1. Go to Employee Home.
  2. Select the "My Settings" tab.
  3. Under the "Change REPL Database Account Password", select the account to change from the drop down list. (Service Accounts located here also)
  4. Click the "Change Password" button.
  5. Enter your current and new passwords and select Save.
  6. Click OK on the Password change was successful message.
  7. Logout of Employee Home.



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