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Submit a request for one of the following: Finance, Financial Aid, Script, Student, or other.

This service supports: API Portal, APIM, EIB, JAMS Configuration, iPaaS, LADE Configurations, and Web Services - Data Card and SOAP

Provides assistance to support event, room and academic schedule using EMS Software

System usage inquiries or system issue reports related to the administration and maintenance of enterprise systems that support Human Resources, Payroll, Faculty Workload Management and other related HR applications.

Assistance/Issues with Data Update, UT File Upload, Login Search, Person Search, Monitors, Handlers, Engines etc.

Report campus network issues.

Supervisor Tools provides an administrator, manager or supervisor the ability to view and manage information about their current direct reports.

Support for Minnesota State staff who have been given access to Workday tenants as part of the NextGen HCM and Finance project.