Service Account Password Reset


Complete the SharePoint form (see link below) and an encrypted email will be sent to the account within an hour with the new password.

Available To

IT Staff (Campus and System Office)

How To Access

Complete the Service Account Password Reset form.

For questions about requests click Submit a Ticket on this page.

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The Service Account Password Reset form allows campus staff to reset passwords of service accounts in STAD. Upon submission, the account is evaluated and the password is reset where appropriate. Once the password reset is complete, an email will be sent to the user who submitted the form with the results of the request. The Service Account Password reset is automated, and changes should be available between one hour - 24 hours for complete sync.

Access to the Service Account Password reset form is restricted to members of the following groups:

  • <campusID>-Form- ServiceAccountPWDReset (example: WSU-Form-ServiceAccountPWDReset)
  • <campusID>-Office-365-Contacts (example: BSU-Office-365-Contacts)

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no fee affiliated with this service.

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Mon 12/28/20 10:34 PM
Fri 6/11/21 2:06 PM