Broadcast Email (Listserv)

Service Description

Email broadcast is an individual email sent to a group of subscribers at the same time. Submit a ticket for issues or assistance with broadcast email list management system (Listserv).

Service Available To

System Office Staff/Contractors

How To Request Service

To self-subscribe or self-unsubscribe to a listserv, view available lists here.

Questions or need assistance? Click Submit a Ticket on this page.

Learn More

  1. Click drop-down to select list name (note, only Public lists are available here; if requesting subscription to a private list, contact the list owner/manager for assistance).
  2. Complete the form with Name and Email Address.
  3. Click Subscribe.

To Unsubscribe, follow steps 1-2, then click Unsubscribe or Unsubscribe (All Lists)

View available lists  

Is There A Cost?

There is no fee affiliated with this service.

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Service ID: 84
Fri 1/8/21 10:05 PM
Wed 12/7/22 9:11 AM