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Any faculty or staff members who create content to support student learning experiences may request an author’s license to H5P. Funding for this service is available from November 1, 2021 through June 30, 2026.

Upon creation of your account, you will receive an email from H5P indicating your account was created. You will be prompted to create a password associated with your account. We currently do not have log in (authentication) services as we do with other educational technology services (e.g. Brightspace, Zoom, Kaltura).

Use this form to request H5P be added to any courses with which you plan to integrate H5P. Brightspace administrators will need to configure your D2L Brightspace courses to use H5P. Navigate to each course homepage which you plan to use H5P activities and provide the URL/link for each course site in the space below. URLs/Links for each course will look similar to https:// {SchoolDomain}{OrgUnitID}.

After 90 days of inactivity (‘no login’) your account goes into an “archive” status, and we must restore your account. Please use this service to request your account be re-activated.

Need assistance with using H5P? Need to report an issue you’ve found when using H5P? Use this service to request help.

The online learning platform for Minnesota State. D2L Brightspace is the product, which includes third-party integrations with Minnesota State enterprise systems.

The online learning platform for Minnesota State.

General questions about Teaching and Learning Technologies.

System office-supported third-party integrations with the D2L Brightspace platform.

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