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Service Description

The purpose of the LADE process is to allow certain campus applications to feed ISRS with information in a batch mass-load type of operation.  The population of ISRS data however must conform to business rules that surround that data.  That is, data being populated from a campus application through the LADE mechanism is subject to the same editing and validation processes that it would be if entered directly through ISRS interactive facilities.  
          LADE30 – email process 
          LADE60 – accounting transactions 
          LADE06 – prospect students 

Service Available To

Campus and SO IT Staff

How To Request Service

LADE - Campus Request Process: If need to setup a new LADE Batch Job Process, please review this documentation first.
MinnState ISRS HTTPS File Transfer Form: If setting up a new LADE Batch Job, this form will need to be filled out and attached to the service request.
LADE Reports User Guide: If need guidance on how to view LADE Batch Job Reports please review this document.

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There is no fee affiliated with this service.

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