ERP Systems and Integrations

Provide software modifications and support for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Provide direct and indirect campus support in extending the capabilities of the base ERP system to enable third party software and services to the user community.

Services (16)

API Portal

This service supports the core functionality of the Minnesota State API Portal. The API Portal is used by API testers and API consumers.


This service supports management and deployment of Minnesota State APIs. This service can be used to request adding/changing/removing a managed API. This service also covers general API Management platform support.

COBOL/Uniface Infrastructure

Assistance with Microfocus COBOL compiler and development tools.

Data Card Service Request

Assistance with data card web service setup.

Deployment Application and Process

Assistance/Issues with the Deployment Application and/or process

iPaas Deployments

This service supports deployment of Dell Boomi integration processes to the runtime (Atom) servers.

iPaaS Development Tools

This service supports the Dell Boomi AtomSphere Application. AtomSphere is a cloud-based web interface for building, deploying, and managing integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) processes.

iPaaS Foundational Processes

This service encompasses foundational Dell Boomi integration processes supported by the ITS Core Services team.

iPaas Software and Server Health

This service supports the maintenance and health of Dell Boomi runtime (Atom) servers.

ISRS Management Application

Assistance/Issues with Data Update, UT File Upload, Login Search, Person Search, Monitors, Handlers, Engines etc.

ISRS Print Queue Support

Assistance with ISRS print queue setup and support

ISRS/Uniface Install

Assistance with the ISRS/Uniface client install process.

JAMS Application

Assistance/issues with the JAMS application (enterprise batch scheduling).

LADE Configuration Request

The purpose of the LADE process is to allow certain campus applications to feed ISRS with information in a batch mass-load type of operation.  The population of ISRS data however must conform to business rules that surround that data.  That is., data being populated from a campus application through the LADE mechanism is subject to the same editing and validation processes that it would be if entered directly through ISRS interactive facilities.

Oracle Database Application Support

Includes data classification assistance, query/database performance, database security support, and more.

SOAP Web Service Request

This service supports legacy ISRS SOAP web services which include Authentication (aka LoginService) and Student Master.