Data and Reporting

Develop and maintain an inventory of reports (PowerBI), dashboards, analytics, and key performance metrics to support higher education data-driven decision making.

Services (10)

Business Analysis

Identify and articulate the need for change in processes and product, and to facilitate that change.

Data Set Request

Building new data tables or help with existing data tables.

Data Table Assistance

Seeking information regarding a data table, request to build a data table, or to report a problem with a data table.

Engineering Processes

Defining problems and completing background research. Requirements are specified and a solution is chosen.

Enterprise Data Governance

Establish the processes and responsibilities that ensure the quality and security of the data used across Minnesota State. Data governance ensures that roles related to data are clearly defined, and that responsibility and accountability are agreed upon across the enterprise.

Enterprise Reporting

New reports, problem with or modification to existing report, data/knowledge questions, trouble accessing reports.

Power BI Platform Problem

Report a problem with PowerBI

Power BI Report Modification or Bug Fix

Assistance with modifying existing reports.

Power BI Request New Report

New reports needed for a specific purpose or ongoing use by Minnesota State colleges/universities or a specific department.

Pre-Business Case Assistance

Assistance with research and identifying a justification for the investment that would be required by a potential development. Drafting a pre-business case used to decide whether the potential project merits being investigated in more detail.