Managed Administrative Computing (MAC)

Services offered specifically to campuses participating in the MAC agreement.

Services (6)


Notify of a new marketing/bulk email service provider or report issues with blocked email from a valid provider.

Managed Administrative Computing (MAC)

Technical support including a range services provided to campuses, such as software, network, directory, and imaging.

Network and Wireless Support

Wireless APs and LAN contollers, VLAN, Switch Port, switch and router hardware, ACL/port maintenance, ISE

Remote Access (VDI)

Access or issues with remote access including Secureapps, or request changes or updates to the remote environment.

Shared Folders and File Access

Report issues with shared folder groups or file access.

Software, Applications, Images, SCCM

Request the build/deployment of software applications or desktop images, escalate issues with deployed applications or images, or report SCCM client issues.