Identity and Access Management

The Minnesota State Identity and Access Management program (IAM) is an ongoing initiative to streamline access to IT services, while at the same time improving security of information and systems. Our goal is to provide the right access for the right people at the right time.

Services (9)

Disable Deceased User StarID Account

Request a deceased user's StarID account be disabled.


Assistance with coordinating Eduroam network setup, run radius service and troubleshoot user access issues.

Enterprise Security Lock

Request an Enterprise Security Lock on a StarID account.

Legal Hold Process

Request assistance with the Legal Hold Process.

Provisioning Rule Modification

Request a modification to Campus AD MIM and/or Office 365 provisioning rules.

Shibboleth Request

Request to add Shibboleth Identity Provider Integration

StarID Administration Support Access

Request access or removal to the StarID Administration Support Application.

StarID or Microsoft (Office) 365 Account or Password

Account/Password; Resolve Multiple StarIDs; Account Provisioning; Authentication Services; StarID Self Service

User Affiliation

Assistance with troubleshooting a users affiliation issue(s).